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Goggles Innovations Afsluitbalk
Goggles Innovations Afsluitbalk

About Goggles Innovations

Goggles Innovations is founded in 2009 by Sander Jonkheijm. It was founded by Sander Jonkheijm because he wanted to help companies to get a clear view on their identity.

Goggles Innovations wants to build parts of a new identity for companies and wants to gain experience in creating whole new identities for companies.

Goggles Innovations wants every company in the world to have a clear view on their identity.

Goggles Innovations works on a personal level and therefor wants to get to know the company in order to help them in getting a better view on their identity. With the help of interviews with key-employees and some sessions with those employees all together the actual identity of a company can be discovered.

When a company embraces the newly discovered identity it will be shown through personell, the website and most important of all: happy customers. When the story you're company tells is authentic it will attract and maintain customers. In this way you can build a relationship with your customer from your identity. Customers can identify themselves with the identity of your company.

Goggles Innovations gives you the clear view to a bright future.



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